The Grandstream GXW4248 series are high-density FXS VoIP Gateways that offer businesses an easy to deploy VoIP FXS solution that supports Gigabit speeds (10/100/1000 Mbps) for up to 48 IP devices. The Grandstream GXW4248 series allows any business to seamlessly connect devices within a location or within multiple locations to an IP PBX system, or with an existing traditional phone system.
The GXW4216/24/32/48 are fully compliant with SIP standard and interoperable with various VoIP systems, analogue PBX and phones on the market. It features multiple FXS analogue telephone ports, superb voice quality, a suite of telephony functionalities, easy provisioning, flexible dialling plans, advanced security protection and strong performance in handling high volume voice calls. The GXW42XX series gateways offer businesses a cost-effective hybrid IP and analogue telephone system that allow them to enjoy the benefits of VoIP communications.

The GXW4200 high-density FXS gateway series enables businesses of all sizes to create an easy-to-deploy VoIP solution that takes advantage of Gigabit speeds. These FXS gateways offer the ability to seamlessly connect multiple locations and all devices within an office to any hosted or on premise IP PBX network to make deployments as easy as possible.


  •     16/24/32/48 FXS ports, GXW4248 includes 2 50-pin Telco connectors
  •     1 Gigabit network port
  •     132×48 backlit graphic display with support for multiples languages
  •     4 SIP server profiles per system, independent SIP account per port
  •     Designed and tested for full interoperability with leading IP-PBXs, soft-switches and SIP-based environments
  •     Advanced security protection with SRTP/TLS/HTTPS


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