About Us

The New Way to Connecting

Destiny Business Solutions Limited (DBSL) was founded in January 2011 focusing to provide communication solutions service and maintenance to large scale enterprises in the UK. With highly experienced unified communication engineers, DBSL provides the best service and maintenance to few of the biggest companies in the UK. The company has a track record for the quickest response and resolution time which make us the most reliable company in the service delivery industry. With more than 15 years of experience, our engineers are experts in the latest technologies and can foresee the evolution of the communication technology.

From January 2015 Destiny Business Solutions Limited has increased its footprint by providing communication solutions for Small and Medium Enterprises in the UK. We provide the latest communication technology which is highly reliable and affordable for the small business in the UK. The service includes, cloud telephony, VoIP systems, VoIP optimised broadband and business mobile contract. This helps the small businesses to be competitive in the market through more than 160 advanced features that can increase the potential of the business for less than 50% of what it costs for the traditional services.

The Founders

Jalpa Sharma


Amit Sharma